Thursday, 8 January 2015

For the UK media, the terrorists have already won

Guest post by Frank Fisher (@Frank_Fisher)

There is a unanimity in the media today, a striking consistency across the papers and airwaves. Everywhere there is talk of supporting free speech, and everywhere there is its surrender. Our Fourth Estate is in full flight from reality, as it was during the original MoToons crisis of 2005. Like then, all the talk is of backing those who provoke and question, using cartoons and satire, but just as then, this is lip service only. Where are the deeds that back free speech? Where are the Charlie Hebdo cartoons on front pages? Nowhere.

Across continental Europe bold newspapers  feature mocking portraits of Mohammed, spiked illustrations defiling the psychotics of ISIS – here in the UK the Axis of Weasel holds full sway; the covers are all deeply, deeply significant for what they do not show. Absence is today’s theme.

Yet everywhere pontificating columnists are pompously telling each other, and us, that they are defending free speech, that it is essential to democracy. Politicans too, who every day find a new victim to denounce for speechcrimes against the people, are today telling us we must cherish the free speech that they long ago stole from us.

I find myself recoiling not just in anger at these clowns, but in instinctive disgust too. Ours is the press of the madhouse, this consistency of delusion is a mass hysteria, denial on a national scale. Fear – physical fear,  and fear of offending against political correctness  -  has led our *entire* media to a blanket self-censorship, while their ridiculous arrogance and delusion has woven a shield of denial that allows them to stitch their mouths firmly shut while mumbling that they are free.

A few show flickers of sanity through the miasma of madness; Dan Hodges, always the first to demand obeisance before the twin gods of “tolerance” and “diversity” is here first to indicate what those cruel gods inflict on their followers, when admitting his own personal cowardice in refusing to tweet a MoToon in solidarity. David Aaronovitch, Blairite of old, demands an end to timidity in defending free expression, from the pitifully timid pages of the Times. Once the Thunderer, now the Whisperer.

This matters. Twelve people are dead in Paris in part because of the failure of Western media to rigidly and universally defend free speech in 2005 and onwards. The obvious reluctance to back our principles in deed showed thuggish Islamic censors that the West would mutter about free speech, but would bottle it in a fight. This was most wretchedly displayed here in the UK, where our press eagerly gagged itself at the behest of the Blair government, demanding “responsible” and “restrained” free speech, urged on by the odious advocate of self-censorship Shami Chakrabarti, and former satirists Private Eye. Mass desertion in the face of enemy fire left those few brave souls of Charlie Hebdo and Jyllands-Posten to march towards the guns alone – with the consequence we have seen today.

It is, however, worse than that. Terrorism is a rare beast. It doesn’t frighten me much. It’s unlikely to touch me, or mine. The abandonment of free speech in the UK does frighten me. Not only because the example of angry Muslims winning their censorship battle has given carte blanche to every furious group, from feminists to scousers, to demand silence. But because it says “we will not fight to defend our way of life”. That, as every student of history knows, is an open invitation to war. Appeasement shows a bold enemy that you have no stomach for a fight, that you present an easy target, a fast and effortless victory. I’m not frightened of terrorism, but I am of civil war. Our media/ political class’s abandonment of solid liberal values that we once thought inviolate is putting our country at risk. Here, they have surrendered without a shot being fired.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Mission Impossible - Battle 2 - another victory

The Victorious Troll Army

Now we are all back behind our desks, noses to the grindstone, we have to listen to fat Maureen whinge on about how small the Quality Street tins have become as she eases her bloated and gravity assisted carcass into the £600 "orthopedic" office chair the boss had to buy her to stop her taking days off for being fat. Through puffs and frenetic gasps for air, she recalls how she rang the Police on Christmas Day (between courses) because Katie Hopkins, the horse faced champion of outrage had dared to mention that anyone large enough to have their own gravitational field might not want to call themselves "disabled". 

"I want her arrested. How dare she go around saying those things about us 'plus size campaigners'. I'm big boned. She should be put in prison until she behaves" wheezes Maureen, her vengeful puffy eyes red with anger, outrage, tears of self loathing and cholesterol. 

"I've started a petition on the Internet. If I can get thousands of other people to sign it, I'm sure the Police will *have* to arrest her and then we'll see who has the last laugh" chuckles Maureen, possibly having her very last laugh, right there, right now.

"Oh Aye!" says Jock Murphy, who the company employed as a favour to the local Alcoholics Anonymous/ drug homeless rehabilitation centre when he kept showing up at 3am on their doorstep high on Buckfast and crack, threatening to stab everyone who didnae support Rangers.

"That fuckin' bitch. If I ever see her, I'm a definitely gonna stab her and eat her heart in front of her fuckin children. Told her so. With a Tweet, I did. Did you see what she called us on Twitter? Fuckin JOCKS", says Jock "the RACIST FUCKIN' WHORE"

"I've started a petition on the Internet. If I can get thousands of other people to sign it, I'm sure the Police will *have* to arrest her and then we'll see who has the last laugh" chuckles Jock, possibly having his very last alcohol and heroin addled laugh, right there, right now.

So there we have the Festive breakdown (in every sense). The outraged lynch mob running off to the Police because a brand specifically designed to cause outrage, had caused outrage amongst a group of professional victims who chose to be outraged. Where once an off button or change channel routine would've sufficed, the greatest tool the world has ever seen, the Internet, was used in an attempt to er.... close down the Internet.

The Scottish Police have today issued a statement stating 

"we will not be prosecuting people for satirical comments, offensive humour or provocative statements"

and hopefully a little common sense will finally prevail and some of the 30,000 who signed online petitions demanding the execution of Katie Hopkins for daring to speak freely will go back to demanding the beheading of those who insult Islam or draw cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed (suw). On the plus side, we now have their names and just like the East Germans, will be able to shun them in public for stitching up their fellow citizens to the Authorities in the hope that like Pastor Martin Niemoeller, they'll come for them last.

We know who you are now, and we'll be watching you. you're the enemies of free speech in a country that was once famous for free speech.

No worries, I'm sure the pitchfork wielding offendotrons will find a new target soon enough - probably football related - and the whole sorry cycle will kick off again. So here's the current score

Old Holborn 1 - Liverpool 0
Old Holborn 1 - Glasgow 0

Old Holborn is now through to the quarter finals of the Free Speech cup. Just the psychotrans Feminists and the entire Authoritarian Left to defeat and we'll be able to smoke, drink and tell jokes in a pub again - like we used to.

Happy New Year readers.....

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Stop Humouring the Humourless

I’ve often wondered the purpose of laughter. In upper primates, it has been around for roughly six million years as a mechanism to show affection and playfulness, rather than aggression and threat and yes, gorillas actually laugh when relaxed and not being eaten by Ebola ridden Africans. We possess a genome dedicated to humour, hard-wired into our social psyche – a defence mechanism to protect us from horror and false and very real threats.
We entertain ourselves in what little free time we now possess with humour and comedy. We sit transfixed as comedians parody and lampoon the great and the good and rightly reward and honour those who expose their hypocrisy and duplicity. Whether Spitting Image, Private Eye, Viz Comic or Harry Enfield and Ting Tong, we delight as the pompous and humourless are held to account by the public. Those who would rather we didn’t are naturally furious but understand thankfully that in a free society, dissent takes many forms and laughter is one of the more harmless ones.
Our newspapers and online media are full of the most brutal political cartoons, designed specifically to offend the sensibilities of those who would rather we didn’t and simply accept their version of the planet, without question or due process of thought. I can’t think of a decent cartoonist who doesn’t receive death threats for having the audacity to point out hypocrisy. Our social and printed media is flooded with witty and satirical comments poking fun and questioning the messages our “betters” delight in broadcasting to us at every opportunity.
Compare and contrast if you will, against authoritarian societies where to even snigger at political criticism can and certainly will bring you anything from arrest to death. Regimes so insecure in their self appointed right to rule that to even entertain the thought of doubt out loud will have you branded a subversive, a seditionary, an enemy of the State or the collective to be denounced and destroyed.
Britain has a rich and illustrious history of satire. In 1695, the Government threw out the Press licensing act of 1692 designed to “prevent the frequent Abuses in printing seditious treasonable and unlicensed Bookes“ and the effect was startling. Publications could finally print critique of the ruling elite without fear of death, the public could, instead of rioting and killing in their frustration, simply laugh at the whole, ridiculous pantomime of it all. Others were not so lucky – the dictators of Europe were able to rise to unquestionable power simply because any mechanism using mass media to stop them was throttled – see the East German book of licensed jokes or Stalin’s Socialist Compendium of Satire to see where an ill timed chuckle could lead you. Unluckily for the subjects of such regimes, they failed to realise that to laugh publicly is to hold megalomaniacs to account. They were silenced by ruthless cowards who cannot accept rightful criticism in lieu of brutal oppression
Well, we’re all comedians now. We can tweet, write our own jokes, mock, jeer, lambaste and humiliate whomsoever we see fit – from the comfort of our own homes and with a few clicks of a mischievous mouse. We can expose hypocrisy, corruption, abuse of power and point the spotlight at the idiots who still feel they have the God given right to speak on our behalf. There are still those who will threaten to burn down our businesses or our houses because we may utter something they disagree with online or post a cartoon in a newspaper mocking their religion. There are still those in more brutal regimes who will shoot schoolchildren in the head for daring to have an alternative opinion than one written thousands of years ago, but we realise that they are quite, quite mad and very, very dangerous.
So go ahead and issue your fatwas, demand we be silenced, shriek and shriek until you are blue in the face that “you can’t say that, it’s offensive” because actually, yes, we can and yes, we will and your ilk have been proven to be the most dangerous people on the planet – those who cannot laugh, despite being genetically programmed by nature to do just that. To laugh is human – to crush free speech and humour is the work of inhuman monsters with no free will to ignore, or even better, counter argue or debate to defend your ridiculous position. We who can laugh will be watching you – you’ve already killed hundreds of millions in the name of an obedient, compliant, authoritarian silence that suited only you and now we will hold you to account, and ironically, this time we aren’t joking. From Pakistan to Anfield (yes, you’re reading this, aren’t you), from Syria to Martin Brunt, you will not silence us because we know how to have the one thing we were put on this planet to do – have fun.
Here’s to the funny ones and sod the offended, no one is forcing you to listen to the beautiful sound of liberty, freedom and free speech; if you don’t like it or can’t face it or are too scared of the consequences to entertain it, don’t read it – that way lies the Gulag, Comrade.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Losing battles, but winning the war against Free Speech

You will have noticed the outrage this week by various interested parties over entertainers and comedians. Firstly Dapper Laughs (who he?) was driven to a virtual assisted suicide and has decided to become something else that doesn't offend the easily offended, then after ten years of mind bending cleverness, some guy manages to land a spacecraft on a comet and is forced to apologise for wearing a "sexist" shirt by the usual frothing, self loating Radical Feminists. Next up, another entertainer I've never heard of is denied a visa to the UK because he "chats up women" as if no man has ever done such a thing here and finally, a female celebrity who dared criticise IngSoc Ed Miliband on TV is hunted and abused by those who demand her immediate unemployment and silence in some grotesque attempt at McCarthyism in the UK 

Yes, it's depressing and pointless and the sight of the usual "champions of the uterus" claiming victory by shutting down free speech is galling, but let's look at the victories our free speech has actually achieved recently.

We can now talk about Pakistani grooming gangs without being hauled off to prison or placed on an "unemployable" blacklist. We can point our fingers at corrupt Politicians and have them removed from Child Sex Abuse inquiries, to the level that the State can no longer find anyone incorruptible to do the task. We stopped the UK going to war with Syria via social media, we can expose the lies and hypocrisy in seconds and we can laugh publicly in the faces of our corrupt press, Politicians, Parliament and Police. Taboos that we dare not speak out against are gone and whilst a few are still paying a very heavy price for the right to speak as they see fit, we are winning the fight against a select self appointed guardians of our morals. The Twitter mobs are failing as once they could hound an individual for speaking an unpopular truth, they are now held to account by millions of equal voices.

As regimes with no personal freedom are finding out, once the social media genie is out of the bottle, you cannot place it back. The pompous "social commentator" or "community leader" no longer speaks on our behalf, the distinguished "columnist" or "great thinkers" are no our spokespeople and most importantly of all, your representative in Parliament is no longer the representative of your voice or your beliefs. 

Expect many more casualties as the battle rages on, with unpopular views slowly becoming more vociferous (yes, free speech IS ugly) but expect transparency, accountability and intelligence levels to rise as instead of being lectured to by the chosen (and unelected few), we unleash the voices, hopes, opinions and aspirations of billions of individuals. 

Now that really will be a first for humanity - equal voices for all. About bloody time.


Monday, 10 November 2014

When the Walls come tumbling down

After having read this excellent piece by fellow seditionary Paul Staines on the fall of the Berlin Wall, I'd like to add my recollections of  living in Germany when the wall fell.

I was working in Frankfurt at the time, running some of the large mainframe computers for an American Bank. Unlike many of the ex pat community, I decided to immerse myself in local culture, learn the language and plug into the whole German ethic. I learned to click my heels, eat Currywurst and drink coffee strong enough to tarmac an autobahn. I was determined to become EingeDeutsched (integrated) and was soon adopted by my neighbours as one of their own.

Many of my friends still had family in East Germany and contrary to popular belief were able to travel freely to visit them - always a fun occasion as a whole village would turn out to see what a new car looked like or marvel at a bowl of fresh fruit. I was invited along just after the Wall fell and can only describe the journey as a living time machine. Firstly, the stench of two stroke exhaust fumes and brown coal burning hung in the air. Most household heating came from Victorian stoves burning anything they could find and fat, burly women dragged small carts full of firewood along cobbled streets. They'd never seen an Englishman, let alone one who could speak German and were extremely keen to introduce me to the ways of the East. In the 40 years since the war, they had been immersed in Soviet culture and relative poverty. Their favourite foods were Russian salads and beetroot soup, washed down with vast quantities of some God forsaken spirit available on every street corner. Fashion was anything they could lay their hands on from the West - in itself a walking museum of bleach wash jeans and mullet hairstyles, the favoured method of rebellion was to ride a 250cc MZ motorbike with monkeybar handlebars and listen to rock music. These were a people trapped in a bizarre void of 1950 meets naked survivalism.

I was into motorsport and decided to enter a local rally organised by one of the many small motorsport clubs that existed in the East. Their usual entrants were hyper tuned two stroke Trabants or the odd beaten up Lada but the crowds were massive and eager for any type of entertainment. I rocked up in a fully loaded 4 wheel drive Escort Cosworth with 400bhp with flames spitting out of the exhaust and it was quickly decided that I shouldn't compete but could drive as the "show car". Local Communist Party dignitaries demanded to be shown what technology the West had produced and after a few short bursts of 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and handbrake turns, most ran off into the bushes to vomit, shaking their heads in disbelief. Hurtling out of a forest onto a tarmac road whilst on gravel tyres at light speed and meeting a 5 deep crowd in the road who had never seen a car travel as fast nearly saw me on a manslaughter charge. It was beyond their comprehension that a ton of metal could arrive to where they were standing hoping for a better view so quickly

West Germans generally despised the "Ossies" as ignorant inbreds, workshy and full of self entitlement after 40 years of sucking at the teat of the Glorious State and they were partly right. To survive under Socialism, most had learned to keep their heads down and mouths shut, do as little work as possible and become invisible to the legions of informers, State busybodies, party apparatchiks and bureaucrats. To simply survive the winter and eat well was the goal of most of East Germans with the promise of a summer break to many of the State organised "holiday camps" an added bonus. The one thing they had in common with the West Germans was the automatic assumption that everything is forbidden unless it is expressly allowed ( a vile trait, slowly infecting the UK now ) and my explanation that no one required ID or a registered address in the UK brought howls of disbelief. How was this even possible? It must be anarchy, surely?

25 years have passed and Germans are still paying eye watering amounts to try and undo a mere 45 years of State Socialism. East Germans are still at the bottom of the heap for employment, with most employers preferring an eager Turk or a workhorse of a Pole and their expectations that the State will provide pervade outside of most major cities. Property in parts of the East is practically worthless and despite the best efforts of billions and billions of Euros being thrown at it, the East remains a wasteland for many. It will take three generations to undo the damage inflicted by the glorious Peoples Workers Party - and that in itself should be a salutary reminder to us all that the State is not and never will be your friend.

I shall be watching "The Lives of Others", possibly the best and most accurate depiction of life under the East German Communist Party. I suggest you do the same, if nothing else, as a reminder of what could have been. Never take your freedom for granted - it is but a pen stroke from a Politician removed. Forever.

Friday, 7 November 2014

25 years after the Wall

As we celebrate 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell and the bloodless revolution that overthrew four decades of horrific abuse by the State, it might be worth remembering what our Political Masters learned from the German Democratic Republic

1. Free Speech must be controlled - already we are seeing Tweeters jailed, and calls by the Police to close down the Internet as it is a home for "paedophiles and terrorists" 

2. Exit visas to imprison citizens - removing the passports of those who wish to leave is the best way to contain dissent - yes, this actually exists in modern Britain

3. Monitor citizens at all times - our Emails, tweets, phone calls and website visits are all constantly monitored and recorded by the Secret Service. Even our legitimate businesses are bugged by CGHQ 

4. Where are the citizens? -  It is a crime not to register to vote, and thereby hand over your address to the State.

5. Report your neighbours - Be vigilant, citizens, your State may be at risk. Report suspicious activity (such as to voluntary agents of the State

I won't continue, the list is sadly endless. From being arrested for spurious "hate crimes" to being bundled into black bags and shipped off to Guantanamo without trial, this country has learned well how to control us and to silence us. And yet still you will vote for more of the same in 6 months. Whoever declares themselves the "winner" will have the very worst mandate of our so called "democracy" in that they will rule by minority, no better in effect than just allowing a few party faithful on the Politburo to dictate every minutiae of our lives for the next 5 years.

I implore you to take a leaf out of the book of the East German people and simply declare "enough is enough". They had a job for life, free housing, free education and healthcare and an ample pension, yet in the end they craved the one thing no Politician can afford to promise any of us. Freedom from the State. Now that IS worth fighting for. Ask any German.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

November 5th, 6pm

As is customary at this time of year, I invite you all to a little bit of rebellion. I shall be at the Chandos pub in Trafalgar Square from 5pm on November 5th should you care to join me for the usual sedition, drunkenness, offensiveness and Political trolling. All are welcome.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nunn the wiser

As readers will know, I am an avid supporter of both Liberty and Free Speech, something others have laid down their lives to ensure we are free to enjoy. As a somewhat regular visitor to Twitter (my 36th account is @holbornlolz), the case of Peter Nunn's arrest interested me. He's just been sent down for 18 weeks at Her Majesty's Pleasure for a series of retweets, account changes and loosely veiled "threats" against both Stella Creasy MP and the hysterical moonbat, Caroline Criado-Perez. Coupled with other various outpourings on youtube videos and general ranting, it is quite clear to me that Peter Nunn has a problem with women.

Firstly, I am free to spout my nonsense because I stay within what is a quite well defined legal space - it has always been the case that you cannot threaten or incite violence upon anyone and not expect a knock on the door - but also because (as I was told by the Police) I run a successful blog and half of Fleet Street follows me on twitter.

I certainly don't condone the rantings of Peter Nunn and the law is quite clear that you may not target individuals (harassment) but I do wonder just how political a sentence of 18 weeks in our overcrowded Prison can be justified. Had Peter Nunn had the right to a trial by Jury (as was once the basis of a free and fair judicial system), I am in no doubt he would have been found not guilty by his peers. As it was, a Magistrate decided his fate and in my opinion, hung him out to dry - for words on a screen - and most intriguingly, simply retweeting another user - something also done with the same "rogue" tweets by both of the Claimants.

So the show trial to define what may and may not be said on social media has alas been postponed, and today, yet another authoritarian Home Secretary has decided that people can also be prosecuted for "extremist" views, even if they haven't broken any law. Designed to save us all from head chopping terrorists under our beds, it won't be long before the usual Political mission creep sets in and er... the likes of Peter Nunn find themselves in er...prison. Interesting times, indeed. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

What price Liberty?

Another day, another assault on our liberties. Due to the possible "threat" of an unknown terror attack by an unknown enemy on an unknown date, our glorious "small Government" has decided to install Soviet style restrictions on citizens of this country. Including, but not limited to:

  • Withdrawal of passport by Police on mere suspicion
  • Forced relocation of citizens on mere suspicion
  • Control orders, including curfews, on mere suspicion

Apart from the other torrents of abuse currently being performed by our useless CPS, endless attacks on free speech and the deadly quagmire of Political Correctness, I'm struggling to think of any actual progress our liberties have made since Gordon "the Ruiner" Brown decided to hand over the wrecked economy and CCTV state to new owners nearly four years ago. No proof is required for any of the above, just "suspicion" which will, of course, be limited to brown people only, just as European Arrest Warrants were implemented to deal with big crime bosses yet are now used to incarcerate those who seek a second opinion from someone other than the Glorious Peoples National Health Service.

In 9 months time, we will all saunter off to the polls to elect the next batch of megalomaniacs, already beholden to the unelected EU megalomaniacs and the salami slicing of our liberties will continue (no slicers over 900 watts allowed). We will bark on Twitter at faceless unaccountable politicians (carefully avoiding arrest and following social media guidelines) whilst they happily trample over everything our ancestors earned with blood, sweat and tears. 

I intend to run on a Do NOT Vote platform, as I am utterly fed up with this "democratic" sham that can see utterly corrupt Council officers leap frog into roles controlling the very Police we pay to protect and serve whilst doing the exact opposite. We cannot remove the people we hand collective responsibility to and therefore we will have to take responsibility ourselves. That starts by refusing to play this pathetic charade, fund their ridiculous (and murderous) foreign adventures or support their endless legislation not designed to protect us but to protect the ever growing Big State.

Join me. Enough is enough.

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